A memorial service at First Presbyterian Church of Newhall is a worship service and is under the direction of the Pastor and the Session, and will be conducted in a manner that is compliant with the theology and practice of the Presbyterian Church.

Scheduling Your Memorial Service: Customarily, the service is scheduled with the pastor at least two weeks prior to the service. Reservation of the church building for the memorial and, if needed, the reception is to be arranged with the pastor in coordination with the office manager.

Officiating: Ordinarily, a pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Newhall will officiate at memorials held in the church. If a family desires to have another pastor participate or officiate, please consult with the pastor. With the consent of Session, the pastor may invite participation of other clergy.

Music: Text and tone of all music must be appropriate and approved by the pastor prior to the service.

  • If organ music is desired, the family should first contact the pastor who will assist in arranging to employ the church organist. If the church organist is not available, s/he can supply the name of a substitute or the family may submit a name for approval.
  • If piano music is desired, the family may use the church pianist or submit the name of an other pianist, and this is arranged with the pastor.
  • If vocal music is desired, church soloists may also be requested through the pastor. Again, the family may submit other vocalists or songs if they desire.
  • Please consult with the organist or soloist if photocopies of music are required. Use of photocopies of music may violate copyright laws.

Decorations: The sanctuary is, by design, a place of beauty and Christian worship. It is the request of Session that decorations be simple and appropriate.

  • The family should make arrangements with the florist. Please have the florist arrange delivery times with the Church Office.
  • Flowers may be placed on stands or other supports provided by the florist. Stands and other equipment supplied by the florist must be picked up by the florist during regular office hours on the next business day following the ceremony. The church is not responsible for any supplies or equipment left by the family or florist following the service.
  • Candle arrangements supplied by the family or by church may be used. Candles must be dripless (battery operated is preferred).
  • Memorabilia: If the family wants to use pictures and/or memorabilia on the communion table, all items should be provided to the church one day prior to the service with any table easels required for the display.
  • All decorations, including flowers, must be removed immediately after the service. If you
  • would like to donate flowers for the following Sunday service, please talk to the office manager.

Memorial Bulletin: Bulletins are not necessary, but if desired, the family may either print their own or coordinate with the Church Office. If using the Church Office, all information must be given to the office manager at least 3 days prior to the service.

Day of the Memorial: The family needs to consult with the pastor as to when they would like to arrive.
Unless otherwise arranged, the church may not be unlocked until about one hour prior to the service.

Reception: If you are planning to use Fellowship Hall for a reception, please note that there is table seating for 110 persons only or standing room for up to 150. The family should make arrangements with the Church Office regarding available times for setting up tables and chairs and for decorating. While the Hall’s furniture may be used, the family will be responsible to provide any linens and decorations needed for the reception. Please note that there is only one small bathroom available for Fellowship Hall since the Church Building will be locked immediately following the service. The family should make arrangements for basic cleanup (disposal of trash and removal of decorations and linens) following the reception.

If you are planning to use Evans Room for a reception, please note that there is table seating for about 20 persons or standing room for up to 50.

Fees are very reasonable.  Please contact the church office for details 661 259-0555