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Lenten Bible Studies are ongoing  details

Palm Sunday April 13th children participate
Maundy Thursday April 17 at 7pm Remembrance of the Last Supper
Easter Sunday April 20th 8am & 10am. Nursery care will be provided for the 10am Easter service only.

Men’s Amor Trip April 26th – 29th; see Art Moore or John Favalessa

Dodger Night April 26th see Candy

Spring Life Academy April 27th – June 4th

Ladies Night Out April 29th at 6:30pm at The Sizzler

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Our Vision

At First  Presbyterian Church we invite people to follow Jesus Christ in a community where we EXALT God in worship, EMBRACE one another in love, ENCOURAGE spiritual growth, and EQUIP every person for ministry in the Church and world.

An Atmosphere of Acceptance – Come as you are, make friends and journey together in a relaxed no pressure loving environment.

  • Practical Meaningful Messages – Our pastor expresses the truth found in Scripture in a fresh, credible way. You’ll hear practical messages from the Bible that relate to the problems and pressures we all face.

  • A Vibrant Adult Education Program – We offer a number of programs to provide for your spiritual growth from Life Academy and Small Groups to in-depth study of the Bible and Theology.

Our Community

Helping build the Kingdom the First Presbyterian Church is located in the heart of old town Newhall California at:
24317 N. Newhall Avenue Newhall, CA 91321-2721
phone: (661) 259-0555

Member of Presbytery USA 
 The church as occupied the same ground since 1891, but this church is more than the buildings; it is a practicing community of faith.

Rev Dr Bill Barnes, Pastor
Phil Aijian, Pastoral Support
Sarah Bolin, Director of Christian Ed
Sandy McIntosh, Office Manager


The John Fuller memorial video

Associate Youth Director position
The First Presbyterian Church of Newhall (PC USA) is searching for an Associate Youth Director

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to work in a team leadership setting under the leadership of the Christian Education Director to enable the Junior High and High School Youth Group to grow and thrive in a Christ-centered program. The candidate for this 20-hour per week position will participate in planning and leading weekly Youth Group meetings, monthly activities, relational outreach to students, and serve as Camp and Mission Trip Counselor. If you have a heart for leading students toward the life God plans for them, this could be your calling. Submit your resume with letter of interest to Sarah Bolin, Christian Education Director at Or contact the Church at 661-259-0555. 

Our Vision for the Next 120 Years In The World

Stories of Faith
Our life is enriched by the stories of faith from those who have walked before us. Dr. Paul Aijian inspires us as we hear his perspective on faith and fellowhsip. Let his story speak to your heart and life!
Finding a Church Home By Laura Neven 1386301683 We knew what we were looking for in a church. We felt the best way to discover if a church was the right fit for us was to attend activities and experience the people and church life.

Therefore our way of finding a church home was to be intentional, at the same time, we were in need of being welcomed, acknowledged, and to experience a sense of acceptance. It is a given, that in attending a church, we would be experiencing worship and seeking to grow our relationship with God (as should anyone who walks into the doors of a church). Yet that being obvious, we were looking for something more, “A Church Family,” a place of connection, support, a place to belong.

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It’s my belief that at the heart of what everyone is searching for, and needs and desires, is a place where they can be themselves, experience a connection with others, feel purposeful, being recognized for what they bring in their uniqueness (their God given gifts) as well a sense of family and community. If we as a church nurture the qualities of being welcoming, extending continued warmth, ongoing recognition of those checking us out, support and encouragement, all which serve as an invitation to visitors to become a part of the connection we are experiencing ourselves in the life of the church family/community, then I believe we are on the right path. When a foundation of warmth, connection, care, trust, acceptance, community, in essence “A Church Family” has been extended to visitors, those seeking to know God, embrace “The Good News” and a relationship with Jesus will open their hearts more readily and willingly as a result of our embrace of them. The truth is a personal relationship with God isn’t flashy, fast moving, entertaining, loud, perfect or fast growing. Mega churches may be growing rapidly and on the face of it appear to be growing because they are flashy (Flat screen TV’s), fast moving (the service tailored to match the pace of today’s TV programming) and leaving out things like “Passing of the Peace” and “Sharing of Joy’s and Concerns.” They may be entertaining the congregation (through video clips and perfectly timed and orchestrated service elements) with the music playing so loudly you cannot hear the person singing next to you, not to mention a need for earplugs. Churches may be growing in size, but are they for the long term growing in personal connection, community and ultimately in Christ? We found Newhall First Presbyterian Church is laying a foundation for not only individual relationships with God but a community of believers! That’s why we are here. God’s Blessings! Laura
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Lenten Series:  The Sermon on the Mount

A Study Guide to the Sermon on the Mount can be found here

Also check out our Theological Blogs under the menu choice “Engagement” with relevant posts to this series

4/13/14      Palm Sunday:  A Mo’ Betta Way       Matthew 6:25-34

4/17/14      Maundy Thursday:  Daily Wisdom   Matthew 7:1-6

4/20/14      Easter:  Like No Other Rabbi            Matthew 7:7-29


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