PW Mission Opportunities

  • Special Offerings
  • Fellowship of the Least Coin – We are united with women wherever they are struggling for development, justice and peace when we give our least coin each month at circle. Shanti Solomon from India believed women everywhere could have a sense of being a part of the worldwide family of faith as they pray for peace and reconciliation in the family, community, nation, and world by setting aside the “least coin” of their country as a token of that prayer. This fellowship has continued since its beginning in 1956. Grants are made by an international committee for special ecumenical projects of evangelism, service, and relief throughout the world. (Dedicated at May Tea)
  • Birthday Offering  – No guidelines are suggested other than to “give as you are blessed.”  In 1922 while visiting a mission station in Japan, Mrs. Winsborough saw inadequate facilities and crowded rooms and recognized a need which could be met by Presbyterian Women. Seeing needs she knew would vitally interest Presbyterian Women, she returned home to challenge these women to give a special offering to help these girls in Japan. This began the traditional annual Birthday Celebration which helps support mission projects overseas and in the USA.  (Dedicated at Fall Gathering)
  •  Thank Offering – Out of gratitude for God’s blessings poured upon us, we give the Thank Offering.  The Thank Offering originated in Ohio in 1884. A day was set aside as a day of prayer and thanksgiving, and the gathering of the Thank Offering. It has been said Women’s Giving saved the Worldwide missionary movement at that time. This offering continues to be an important part of Women’s giving by Presbyterian Women. Thirty-three percent of the offering is used to support hospitals and other health ministries throughout the world. Sixty-seven percent of the offering is used for specific projects selected by the Creative Ministries Offering Committee.  (Dedicated at the December Gathering)
  • Networkers Mother’s Day Project – A gift of $10 provides the malaria prevention educational materials and an insecticide-treated net to protect a woman through her pregnancy, and later, her baby as well.