Pray for our fellow Christians being persecuted (click here for more information and ways to help)

Join fellow Christians around the world following the worldwide Anglican Communion in putting the Arabic letter N on facebook and twitter pages– This is the letter ISIS is painting on Christians doors in northern Iraq.  In addition, properties marked by ISIS have also been marked as “property of the Islamic State.”  Christians are being driven from their homes and murdered.  Christians have lived there for two thousand years. 

The lesson in all this is that this proves what Jesus said: the world will persecute his followers. We must stand up in prayer as a witness to the Sovereign Lord and a witness against evil which the Lord defeated when the Son went to the cross when all the forces of evil sought to eliminate the True One but victory over those forces was proven in the Resurrection of our Lord. We await the consummation of His victory when He comes again. Meanwhile all who follow Jesus are His advance guard in a dark world, whose verdict has already been given, and we announce that verdict and the victory in prayer, worship, standing together for the Lord and completing the sufferings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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