UNLOCKING THE MYSTERIES OF THE BIBLE – What the Bible reveals about god’s plan of salvation

 Sign up on the patio and attend the Organizational meeting  Sunday, September 17, 2017, at 10:45 am in the adult education room #5

Offered by the adult education committee – Jack Irwin, M.div., teacher

Want to become more familiar with the Bible?

The Bible is God’s Written Word to us. It is God’s Story, love letter to you and me.  It is treasured by millions, even billions, of people throughout history and around the world today. The Bible is the most popular and most published book of history.   The Bible, originally in Hebrew and Greek, has been translated in whole or in parts into over 3200 languages, according to Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Each year the English Bible outsells any other English book. Our Presbyterian heritage is “Bible based.”  Yet many find the Bible confusing and difficult.  This course will guide you into a life-long understanding of the Bible.   This course is a “Reader’s Digest” condensed version of the most influential book in history. 

What you will learn The time line of Biblical history from 2000 BC to 100 AD –  people, empires, Israel, places, events past, present and future.  The Jews, Jesus and the early Church. Discover the key message of each of the 66 books that make up the Bible.  Discover the covenants that God made with humanity, from Eve, to Noah, to Abraham, to Moses, to King David, to the Prophets, to Jesus.  Discover God’s plan of salvation beginning with Creation in Genesis, through the history of Israel, to the Gospels of the Savior Jesus, to Revelation, with the Savior’s final defeat of evil and death and God’s recreation of the heavens and earth.  Discover how key doctrines of our Presbyterian heritage are drawn from the Bible.  Learn how God speaks to you through the Written Word of the Bible.  What God is calling you to be and to do.

The schedule for our course – Each month we will study several books in the Bible.   You will receive guidelines for your reading of the key stories and key passages of those books we study each month.  This will be a leisurely and studious walk through the 66 books.  We will start in Sept. and conclude next August.  The ease of this course is in ONLY one class meeting each month, and you schedule your own weekly home study.

The first class meeting will be on Sunday, Sept. 17, 10:45 am, Room 5, when we will organize ourselves for the course, receive teaching from Jack Irwin, and you will get the handouts for your first-month’s self-study (Sept. to mid-October).  The second meeting would be the middle of each month thereafter, which we will all schedule together.

Your self-study each month will be guided by helpful handouts.  Jack Irwin will meet or talk with each student during each month to help you with questions and to encourage you.  These 1 to 1 meetings will be mutually arranged.

Your commitment is to the 12-month course, to the monthly class meeting and to your self-study of several hours each week.

What you will receive is a wealth of knowledge about the Bible.  You will create your own notebook or e-file that will enable your Bible reading and study for the rest of your life. 

The teacher Jack  Irwin

Jack Irwin has been a member of First Pres Newhall since 1996.  He has been an Elder on Session and a popular Bible teacher.  He is a member of the Adult Education Committee.  His life-long study of the Bible began in his university years, when he became a Christian.  He later attended Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, receiving a Master of Divinity degree.  His wife Barbara, has taught many years in the Sunday School and VBS programs at First Pres.  Jack’s teaching style is interactive, involving students in classroom activities.  Learning, he believes, is facilitated by the student’s involvement, and this course is designed to do just that.  

First Warning:  this is a pilot course

Second warning:  we will have fun

Adult Education has asked Jack Irwin to develop this course.  Jack invites those who want the challenge of participating in this “Pilot Course.”  Adult Education Committee hopes this course can be used in future years as a standard course to introduce people to the Bible and God’s plan of salvation.

We will have fun in journeying together, learning together.  You will have a rewarding investment in joining this adventure.  

Interested?  How do you participate?  Sign up on the patio at the Adult Education Table.  Then come to the organizational meeting on Sunday, Sept 17th.

You will need your own Bible or Bible app.  Jack uses the NIV translation, or you can choose a translation that is familiar (or challenging) to you.   A “Study Bible” is helpful.  A notebook or journal will help record your own journey.   “Halley’s Bible Handbook” and Henrietta Mears “What the Bible is All About” are excellent and user-friendly surveys of the Bible’s books.  They present easy to understand summaries and outlines of each book, articles on Biblical archaeology, charts, maps and photos.  (Available at Amazon or, or order at the Adult Ed table on the patio.)