Get Involved

  • Pray – see Sunday Bulletins Prayer Chain requests.  Contact Connie Luechtefeld email at:
  • Volunteer to provide a meal.  Contact your Deacon (deacon info here)
  • Help with Family Promise. Contact James Allison for more information
  • Come build a home for a desperately poor family in Mexico. Next trip is April 13th – 16th.  (contact John Favalessa at
  • Join Living Waters for the World. Contact Jack Irwin or Art Moore.
  • become an usher
  • sing in the choir
  • help with Sunday School
  • come to an Adult Ed class
  • join a Bible Study or Circle
  • Join a Committee:

Adult Education Committee – encourages the congregation to mature in their knowledge and practice of their Christian faith as disciples of Jesus Christ both personally and in community with other believers.  meets first Wednesday of the month.  Elder Lynn Parkinson

The Adult Ed Committee and Patrick Ramnarine’s brother, Cecil, seek to promote and educate the youth in the valley in the rich peacemaking tradition introduced and modeled by Jesus.  Cecil has developed a wonderful curriculum which he would ask us to bring to the attention of the local schools.  It is all free and can be downloaded from:

Building and Grounds Committee – is responsible to diligently maintain and thoughtfully develop the buildings and grounds of the Church facility that the Lord has provided, so that we may carry out His Ministry.  meets first Monday of the month.  Elders Don Trammell & Rusty Par

Christian Education – Children Committee – invites children to embrace the word of God through worship, games, song and other activities; to encourage their spiritual growth to become closer to our Lord Jesus Christ and equip them to go out into the world and share God’s love.  meets first Monday of the month.  Elder Eric Clardy

Church Life Committee – promotes fellowship and fun activities for the church family by providing a variety of church, community, cultural and special events throughout the year.   meets first Wednesday of the month.  Elders Patrick Stokes, and Nicole McCreery

Futures Committee –  plan and embrace the future.   meets second Tuesday of the month.  Elder Barbara Irwin

Mission Committee – our purpose in order to further share the gospel of Jesus Christ, is to responsibly use the resources of the Church wherever we find a neighbor in need.  We are committed to meeting mission needs in our local community, across the nation and globally, by sending money, food, clothing, volunteers or whatever else is needed.  meets first Tuesday of the month.  Elders Geoff Harms, and Benny Goldstein

Outreach Committee – is called by our Heavenly Father to extend the hospitality that we find in our fellowship to the community, to visitors, and to new members, in order to draw them into the family of Christian faith at First Presbyterian Church. meets usually on the second Wednesday of the month.  Elder John Favalessa

Stewardship Committee – strives to build stewardship disciples of our church family by: transforming the hearts of believers to reflect the image of Christ, to become generous “as Christ is generous in being rich toward God” in the stewardship of all our gifts; to empower God’s Kingdom work to be fully staffed, funded and shared throughout our community, country and world; and, as a committee, to monitor the fiscal responsibilities of our church ministry. meets second Tuesday of the month.  Elders Jan Fraser and Sue Stanger

Worship Committee – will strive with God’s guidance and grace, to create Christ centered worship experiences, inspiring God’s people as they respond to the word proclaimed in prayer, song, scripture, sacrament and message.  meets first Tuesday of the month.  Elders Kathy Craig & Pam Koons

Youth Committee – nurtures the junior and senior high aged youth of the church and the community by providing a Christ centered program of worship, education, fellowship and service in order to equip them with a framework in which they can realize their spiritual gifts and live a Christian life.  meets second Wednesday of the month.  Elder Rebecca Cranert