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This blog is a place to openly discuss and share ideas. All are welcome to participate. It is important to know that these contents do not represent the views of the First Presbyterian Church of Newhall or the greater Presbyterian Church USA. As Presbyterians we are all encouraged to read, study and pray scripture both alone and in community. We are to also pray that we may be guided by the Holy Spirit to live scripture. Paul tells us we must treat each other with humility and gentleness in our disagreements. We may not always be comfortable with divergent ideas, but that’s alright as we journey together learning to follow Christ. Postings are public and will not be anonymous. All postings will first need to be approved by the moderator so they will not appear immediately.

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#MeToo: WHERE WAS THE CHURCH WHEN THE CULTURE LOOKED AWAY FROM SEXUAL ABUSE IN THE WORKPLACE?  by Roland Wrinkle God’s failed lab experiment: Combining testosterone with hubris.  Movie moguls, TV stars, comedians, federal judges, senators, congressmen, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, civil rights icons, and, yes, pastors.  All powerful and influential men accused of career-destroying sexual abuse inflicted on female employees whose careers they held in their mighty hands.  I’m shocked! Not that it happens and is so pervasive, but that we finally got together as a civilization and suddenly declared this blight on our humanness to be really bad and announced that the powerful...

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