A wedding at First Presbyterian Church of Newhall is a worship service and is under the direction of the Pastor and the Session, and will be conducted in a manner that is compliant with the theology and practice of the Presbyterian Church.

Scheduling Your Wedding: Customarily, the wedding is scheduled with the pastor at least three months before the ceremony is performed. Reservation of the church building for the rehearsal and wedding is to be arranged with the office manager.

Officiating: Ordinarily, a pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Newhall will officiate at weddings held in the church. If a family desires to have another pastor participate or officiate, please consult with the pastor. With consent of Session, the pastor may invite participation of other clergy.

Counseling: There will be at least two meeting with the officiating pastor for pre-marital counseling, wedding preparation and discussion of the meaning of marriage from a Christian perspective.

Music: Text and tone of all music must be appropriate and approved by the pastor. Music that is not in the church’s existing repertoire must be furnished to any soloists or accompanists at least two weeks prior to the service.

  • If organ or piano music is desired, the couple should first contact the church organist to employ his/her services. If the organist is not available, s/he can supply the name of a substitute or the couple may submit a name for approval.
  • If vocal music is desired, church soloists may also be approached to perform. Again, the couple may submit other vocalists or songs if they desire.
  • Please consult with the organist or soloist as far as making photocopies to comply with copyright laws.

Decorations: The sanctuary is, by design, a place of beauty and Christian worship. It is the request of Session that decorations be simple and appropriate.

  • The couple should make arrangements with the florist. The florist will arrange with the couple for the delivery of flowers. Rubber bands may be used to attach decorations to the pew ends if these are desired.

Fees are very reasonable.  Please contact the church office for details 661 259-0555